My gear...a Canon 7D, macro lens 100mm, 70-300mm lens, a wide angle, Canon 20D (backup) several more lenses, a 580EXII, 650-1300mm lens....And No, I'm NOT a Pro, I think I got my love of photography from my mother....I carry my camera with me everywhere I go...and I travel ALOT, so it goes with me...I'm just so thankful for digital cause I remember the days when I would take no less than 20 rolls of film with me and still have to stop and get more...My hubby is alot more thankful than I am..I think we could qualify to be Kodak stock-owners with the amount of film I've shot...before I went digital!! But anyway, here are only a few of my shots...I recently shot at a friends wedding and I came home with over 1600 images...and that's the norm for me...with digital, it cant hurt to take too many...RIGHT?
Pensacola Florida in September for a friends wedding

This is my son walking on the beach at sunset

Recent trip to the Oregon coast

This was on way to Mt. St. Helens, OR

I took a night photography class on the Arkansas River..This was a homeless guy sleeping on the bench.

Another shot from the Arkansas River (Downtown Little Rock). I was across the river on the North side looking at the downtown.
 My all time favorite photographers are Ansel Adams and Gary Spense... I love black n white, so you may see alot of my pics in B&W at some point... stay tuned for for upcoming trip to D.C.......oh boy I can't wait..I think I might have to invest in a couple of 64G's cards!!!

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