Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My QUILT world

Bernina 630E w/BSR

Singer Featherweight 221K
Brother QC1000

Bernina 135S

  I guess I should start blogging about my quilt world since I did name my blog after quilting. In a nutshell, I have been sewing since I can remember, started by using my moms old Kenmore machine, taking home-ec in Jr. High (made LOTS of MINI-SKIRTS), then not really doing anymore until my early thirties when I re-married. I did dabble a little with cross-stitch, but nothing else to speak of. My mom wasn't a quilter, nor did she knit or crochet, and it wasn't until after she passed that I found out she did the most beautiful hand embroidery. I only wish I'd know she could do that when she was alive so she could have taught me. So my "QUILT-AFFAIR" really didn't begin until I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, two months after I got married. And with this new BrotherULT came lessons where I did my first quilt...A STACKnWACK....QUEEN-SIZE, that I ended up quilting on my ULT...Never again will I do that, anyway I gave that quilt to my sister as it had tigers for the stack n wack and she wanted it for her new home......The rest is history so to speak... I now belong to three quilt guilds where I am the "photographer" for all three and responsible for posting to various websites. And I also work part-time at a local quilt shop called PINWHEEL FABRICS....Needless to say I don't really get "paid" to work, but I do get store credit which is absolutely FINE with ME! So I'll start with my equipment and my "QUILT-CAVE".  We recently built a home with a 26' x 14' room over the garage, which is now my quilt studio....AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I have a Bernina 630E, Bernina 135S and a Brother QC1000 and 5 days ago I bought myself a Singer Featherweight 221....Circa 1960..Why??? Just because all my quilt buddies have one and they won't shut up about them, plus they're just too dang cute! I bought mine from the owner of the the quilt shop where I a really good deal too!!So I'll post a few pics of My WORLD.....