Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ok...I'm HOOKED!

My new Singer 99-13..Serial # dates it to Nov 7, 1927
Runs like a DREAM
 Well, It's official..I'm totally hooked on these Vintage machines....I spent Monday morning till about 2pm at one of my quilt guilds sit and sew called "Quiltaholics Anonymous"....pretty much a "bring whatever your working on" kind of gathering. I was having an issue with the new featherweight I had just bought, and one of the ladies in my guild (Ms. Helen Matthews) was more than happy to help me figure out what was going on...apparently, I didn't have the bobbin case put back in the right looked like I didn't have the "tit"  as she called it, in the 12 o'clock position, which made my top thread bunch all up, not to mention I couldn't pull up my bobbin thread without a fight...Well, it's ALL BETTER after I left, I decided to stop by a local Antique Flea market...just because I didn't feel like going right home.  So I had walked around for about 30 min and I happened upon this was like love at first sight, I was WAY, this CAN'T be I waited for an employee to come by and she took the lid up to the front counter and put my name on it as she was going to send a MAN to bring the machine up for me because it was so heavy...well, I just couldn't stand it, I picked her up and RAN to the front counter. I asked if I could plug her in just to see if she came on...then I was puzzled because I didn't see a foot petal, but it had the bar thingy with it, along with an original Singer box FULL of attachments...feet, needles, bobbins...the WORKS....but WAIT, that's not the whole gets better....the price tag had $50 on it. Already knowing I had the deal of the century, I asked if there was any discount and she quickly said I ended up getting this BEAUTY for less than a TANK OF GAS!!!!...I couldn't drive fast enough...Got home, took her to the quilt cave, plugged her in, then read the original manual from cover to cover, and FINALLY figured out how this thing works...that bar thingy that looked like a knee lift is actually the foot pedal...HOW COOL IS THAT????? God was definitely shinning down on me, I mean...why did I stop at that Antique shop???? She sews amazingly beautiful........And did I mention she came with an original manual, and a Bentwood cover with a key!!!  But you wanna know what else it came with??? In the bottom of the box of attachments there were two tiny pictures (like they were in a locket) of an elderly man and woman..I wonder if this machine belonged to them?? I plan on going back to the Antique shop and leaving a message for the booth vendor asking if they know the history of the machine, because it's in PERFECT condition, and because of the pictures...Maybe they might want those pictures back ....who knows....the picture of my new baby is via my phone, but I'll take some better pictures of her and post those too!!!...Have you ever gotten a DEAL like this before?????