Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Day in PARADISE! But I'm EXAUSTED!

Paradise? Yep, my Thursdays are my day in paradise...I get to go to work in a QUILT SHOP!!!
This was Pinwheels $5 Block for 2010 (You pay $5 for the first block, bring it back the following month done, and you get the next months block for FREE!) All you gotta do is stay for a short promo....I started mine, but it's still in the works!!

This is going to be our 2011 $5 get the 12 star blocks, then you have several setting options (of course that's extra$$)

This is the right side of the Notions Room.

This is the the back notions wall...rulers/templates

Left side of notions room

This is what you would see when you step into the notions room. Looking at the end cap of a case that has two sides of notions & patterns.

This is Missy and she will KILL me if she knew I put this one here...oh well!

This is the case that's two sided..patterns/notions

This is Charlottes Whimsical Garden by Piece O Cake Designs

This is a rack behind the cutting table

This is the BATIK wall...LOVE IT!

The corner window in the cutting room. The Accu-Cut is below the window.

Back wall in the fabric room..Yellows/Oranges/Browns/Blacks

This is hanging on the right side of the wall when you walk in..Usually reserved for current projects/BOM's. Aunt Grace BOM and 2011 $5 Block

Cabinet that faces the entry door...TODAY'S 50% OFF CABINET, but its usually filled with the NEWEST COLLECTIONS!

Front room with short hallway that leads to fabric room. 

Part of the BOOK NOOK

The Longarm room..Thats my quilt I'm getting ready to quilt..(Old picture, this quilt was a gift for my mother in law and it luckily won a 2nd place at our quilt show in 2009) 

In the front room next to the book nook..usually for another "NEW COLLECTION"

This was an older photo of the BATIK wall...Thats my Yellow Brick Road in April Cornell Fabrics.
Normal days are pretty relaxing, but today was CRAZY.....We are having an AFTER CHRISTMAS sale, Fabrics/notions/books 25% off, patterns 35% OFF, and some fabrics marked to $4 per yard, and all Christmas fabrics were 50% OFF!! I did bring home several (4) yards of Basic Grey Fruitcake by Moda...for my Snowbound BOM(Bunny Hill)....I just LOVE my Thursdays, especially when my co-worker Missy P is there with me, but we do get into some trouble when we're there TOGETHER...She somehow how this way to persuade me to bring home MORE FABRIC!! Guess that's why I LOVE her...I sometimes think we were separated at birth, she's just too funny!...But I was going to post pictures of the quilt shop I took today...ON MY PHONE, so pardon them if they are a little blurry...Normally I would use my Canon7D, but as crazy as it was today, I was lucky to snap a few with my iPhone... The shop is Pinwheel Fabrics...owned by Charlotte Williams. I think she has been open for 6 or 7 yrs now...Sadly to say we are few and FAR between quilt shops...We have another about 40 min away close to Hot Springs (Hickory Hills), and another about 45min away in Conway(Circle C), BUT due to the economy, this is her last week of business....:(  She's closing!..Really sweet young lady, but she just can't pay the bills......But on the upside, hopefully with the sales at Pinwheel this week, we're looking forward to the new year and NEW FABRICS!!   Here's my pics!