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                         Spicy Chipotle Club Crackers
If you like a little spice in your life...try these...My son brought this recipe home after visiting his dad's house...Yes, MY EX-husbands...I've made these before just not with the Chipotle Chili seasoning...My hubby said they were a little spicy the first batch, so I halved the crushed red pepper flakes for HIS batch...Wussy...anyway heres the recipe..

• 1 BOX of Club crackers (yes the WHOLE BOX)

• 1 CUP Canola oil (do not substitute)

• 1 TBLS crushed red pepper flakes

• 1 TBLS Chipotle chili pepper (might have to find in spec. shop, I found mine at TJMaxx)

• 1 envelope DRY Ranch Dressing mix

Mix all dry ingredients into large bowl, then pour in 1 cup canola oil...Mix really good.

Then either lay out all of the crackers on a cookie sheet (or bar pan if your using Pampered Chef) then pour mix all over crackers. You'll have to turn crackers over to coat both sides, so here's where I put them into a large bowl and gently toss with a spatula (PChef). The club crackers work best because they are alot stronger/thicker than saltine crackers and they stay crispy. Then lay them out on the same cookie sheet to "dry"...I went ahead and put them in my oven for about 15min.. I put the temp on the lowest temp my oven would go, which was 170*...I did this only because I was taking them to one of my quilt guild meetings that afternoon..After they look dry, put into an airtight cantainer or a large zip-loc... I made the last batch the day after Christmas and I'm STILL eating on them, and they are just as crispy and good as if I'd just made them..Hope you enjoy the recipe!!

                                            The Pampered Kitchen

I decided to call this page my Pampered Kitchen, for several reasons, but the main reason is because I'm a Pampered Chef Cooking Consultant...I started doing Pampered Chef in Jan. of 2005, and my first three years were record years...My main line at my cooking shows was "The only reason I have a kitchen was because it came with the house" and no kidding...I grew up in Cajun country, my Mom was an awesome cook, her parents owned a seafood resturant, but I guss I never really wanted to learn HOW to cook...I did pick up a few things from my mom, but most of what I knew how to do was self taught.....Until I joined I'm a PChef junkie...Im in my 6th year, but the last two have certainly slowed down. I think mostly because of the economy, and the fact that I've not really "worked" my business.... The lady that recruited me was an awesome director, but after 12yrs or so she decided to move on to another home business, so pretty much after she left I kinda lost my now I just do enough to stay "active".
Unfortunatly, due to Pampered Chef policy, I can't put a link to my personal website on my blog. But I do have an oline website that you can order 24/7, WITHOUT going to a cooking show... I also do alot of CATALOG shows that link to my website....more on that later, or you can email me for more information...

I think I now have most everything that The Pampered Chef has to offer, and I LOVE all of it...that's the main reason I now LOVE TO COOK!!! Not to mention, I'm addicated to the cooking channel...I just love to try new recipes... My 17yr old son is also a food junkie..he loves to try stuff we see on t.v.

My 122" Island..Looking from the laundry room

From the living/dining room view

My dining room with living room/front door to the right

This is my bulldog..he sits on my window above my sink..I REALLY want an English Bulldog, but I know the health probs they have...not to mention they are EXPENSIVE!
So when we recently built our new home I had to have a kitchen big enough to put ALL OF MY PAMPERED CHEF stuff here's my kitchen...I truly love get ready for many pics of my recipes...I love taking pics of my recipes...thanks to The Pioneer Woman.....I just LOVE her site....she has the most amazing photography!!

Being a Pampered Chef consultant for 6 yrs now, I have acquired a FEW (LoL) cookbooks, but I also have a few other favorites that aren't PCHEF...My recent one I just got for Christmas is "ThePioneer Woman Cooks"...I has some of the most amazing photography of her homestead...she lives on a working ranch somewhere in Oklahoma, her 4 kids and her husband...THE MARLBORO MAN...not to mention her critters..horses/cows/and Bassett Hound named Charlie...did I already say how much I love this woman?? I had already tried several of her recipes from her website, so when my hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas....HER BOOK was IT!!...She takes pictures of EVERY step of a you KNOW what it's SUPPOSED to look like!!! You should check her book out if your ever just browsing a book section....IT'S way too cool!!

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook...A MUST READ! LOVE It!

This is what my family used to call me...Ms. 4 Ingredient Cook, meaning that I couldn't cook anything unless it was 4 ingredients or LESS!!

I got this while on vacation to South Dakota...lots of rustic ingredients.

More of my PChef...a couple of these are retired (can't get them)

Some of my PChef collection..The All the Best is my cooking show staple...It has the "ring" recipes and some good o'l favorites! 

Two more of my fav's..I jsut love watching Paula's cooking shows, and her recipes are Yumm Yumm good....caution, she uses BUTTER, and sometimes ALOT of it!

Another one of my fav's...

Everybody should have gotten this one...

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