Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I finally DID IT!  After months of deliberation, I finally came up with a name for my "QUILTING" Blog, but the truth is, I do more than just QUILTING...I'm a stay at home Mom, well, actually I'm really busy, so I don't stay at home as much as I should...but in a nutshell, I'm now a stay at home Mom-Wife-Sister and friend..My 16yr old son has recently gotten his drivers liscense and a NEW CAR!!! OMG! So now he's on his own, which SCARES ME TO DEATH... I think he's a good driver, but I must admit, I couldn't ride with him...just too nerve-racking! I've been toting that little turd for the last 16yrs and I kind of miss not having to listen to him ask if I'll take him somewhere. It's actually funny as it seems he's not all that excited to be "going" all the time,  now that "HE'S PAYING" for the gas!
My life...born (Baton Rouge) and raised in Louisiana, had kind of a hard life growing up, left home at 15, graduated (87') then got married (88) ..that only lasted 13 years, but I did get my beautiful son from it. Then I met my soulmate in 1998 and we married shortly after I divorced in 2001! We flew to Vegas and got married (not by Elvis!) and just recently built a home, complete with my QUILT CAVE!!!(as my husband calls it). My hubby is an investment banker who handles mostly credit union portfolios....We travel quite a bit and when were home we like to fish, hunt, play golf and shoot our competition bows. Being as I grew up in south Louisiana, I have fishing in my blood and have been since I was in diapers...I'll post some fishin pictures later....I must admit this is the first time in my life that I dont have a BOAT, but hubby says it's not to far off and we'll have one in that new 3 car garage he built just for the boat! I'm not the typical wife mind you...if he gets a new rod...he better get me one to, ditto for the fishing lures..he says I'm stingy when it comes to my fishing tackle...and I AM!!! Other than that, I love my photography....I love taking pictures of the birds and horses that reside with us...the horses aren't mine...they're on the other side of our fence that backs up to a horse farm...that's a whole other story...later! I have 2 Beagles, Rudy and Petie and TWO SUGAR-Gliders, OTIS & CLOE...more on that later too!!  I lost my Mom in 2005 and my Dad passed away in MY ARMS in 2008...I'm still dealing with the loss of my Dad, but I know he's not in pain anymore and he's with Mom, but I still miss him so much! I don't think a day goes by that I don't feel like he's watching me from above...more on that later too!!!  Tomorrow will be the 2 year anniversay of my Daddy leaving US! I remember that day like it was yesterday and I remember that HORRIBLE feeling I had when he collasped in my arms..I KNEW he was gone and there was NOTHING I COULD DO......A DAUGHTER should NEVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH that pain........